victory in 2013

This has been an amazing time for all.  Gay.  Lesbian.  Bi.  Queer. Transgendered.  All is coming together.  From Pride Month and what seems to be a victory for all.  Equality wins.  More importantly love wins.  We are not sick nor therapy.  We are okay.

You have to wonder why the status quo do not like change.  What our parents, family, some close friends and such say Gay marriage is bad and DOMA prevailed the last few years.  Even Prop 8 from California was such a brick wall of the politicians and supporters of the now defunct law in the Golden State.  Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Sacramento, and the lgbtq districts they serve, have a major homosexuality population in them. We pay our taxes, we obey the laws, now let us live as equals every day.  We have the choice to marry and the governments shall accept equality.  It is such a marvelous time.

Right before Pride Events in NYC and San Francisco, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down these laws.  The meaning of freedom is ever so sweeter for all of us.  It is our preference not the government or homophobes that live amongst us.  In the good book, the BIBLE, didn’t the scriptures say God Loves All?  Let me tell you, man and woman who married, then divorce, are more in trouble than anything.  Why the troubles?  Why the arguements and domestic violence?  The common public should check in their own world and correct what is being done. 

This is our moment.  Enjoy and bask in the glory.  Enjoy the Pride!  Enjoy our time!


Our Month, Our Pride




Its June.  Where did the year go?  It seems like the Rainbow family is busy at work, tending daily business, and such.  However, a lot goes into planning for this month.  Our month.  PRIDE MONTH.  I love it.  I like it.  Every weekend there is something new and exciting.  Every year is something new, changing and becoming heard than ever before.  This is a great ride for us all!

In my area, its a lot of careful planning and the valley is buzzing with events in Upstate NY.  You got to love the passion of what the next few days means to us.  Its Pride.  Go Loud and be Proud of who we are.  Who I am.  Its nice to be expressive and really opening new doors to the next generation.  The parades, street festivals, everywhere.  From NY, Boston, D.C., Orlando, to L.A. San Fran, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle too….all across the United States will wave the rainbow flag high and proud. 

I applaud our legistlators and President of the US to stand with us during the changes of the land of Equal Human Rights and becoming bolder.  We need to recognize ALL partners in the future.  This is a great start of the trend that will be ever so noticeable and recognizeable.

To one and all of the LGBTQ family have a great Pride month!  BE LOUD!  BE PROUD!!  It just gets better!

Interview with Leni King by Waid Books

amazing! Yay!!



Leni (short for Eleni) King is a British-Greek Lesbian writer who has produced several poetry collections and short stories.  King’s work has been acclaimed for it’s in-depth erotic insights into lesbian life as well as powerful and evocative imagery.  In her collection of poetry, Lesbian Juices, readers will find both hot and steamy erotic poetry as well as thought-provoking, romantic and spiritual poems.

Question 1:  Which do you find drives you more as an artist, your head or your heart?

I would have to say my heart.  Since my poems are about lesbian love, they are driven by the love of women and a desire to express myself in the poetic form.  Sales and ambition are about the head, but it’s the desire for freedom of expression that gives me a buzz – and poetry can go beyond what prose or other forms of art…

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